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Does anybody have any information or leads to share re: The Tripolitania Police, circa 1945-48? I am researching a former member, John Lawrence DOODY (ex-Palestine Police) - having just confirmed that his hat badge is that of the Tripolitania Police, I would like to learn more of the force. In advance, thanks for any & all assistance!


John Tennant


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The UN's High Commissioner for Libya [officer in charge of transition to 'independence'] Adriaan {Adrian} Pelt wrote a comprehensive book detailing most aspects of the UN's involvement in Libyan independence including civil administration and police aspects. Though its been years since I consulted it, Pelt's: Libyan independence and the United Nations. A case of planned decolonization Yale University Press, New Haven, 1970, likely has general overviews regarding the amalgamation of the Fezzan, Tripolitania and Cyrencia public order forces. Another useful study, The Making of Modern Libya by Ali Amida, State University of New York Press, 1994, has basic information on the [british] Tripolitania Police.

The British Military Administration governed Tripolitania from 1942 until 1950 when the British transitioned to a civil administratiion [termed simply "British Administration"]. On 24 December 1951, with proclaimation of Libya's full independence, King Idris resumed authority throughout the country. Presumably, after a transition period, Libyans replaced most if not all foreign administrators and policemen.

A number of British police officers with experience in Palestine apparently were sent to Tripolitania from 1943-50. Frederick Miller was identified as the first head of the Tripolitania Police but I have nothing confirming that--his medals were sold in the mid 2000's by a UK dealer. Alen Saunders, CMG, died 1963?, served as the last British Tripolitania police commissioner through 1952, if I am not mistaken. I heard that he may have written a biographical sketch but was never able to find a copy.

The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History Andrew G. Bostom recounts some Tripolitania Police work from pp. 667, including the names of some officers. I recall at least two annual reports published by Tripolitania Police & Prisons Service and a British study on police force staffing in Libya and Tripolitania published in the early 1950s that may also be useful. These were housed in the [british] National Archives when I consulted them in 1971.

Hope this gives you some leads!

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Hello, I wonder of any of the members could give me some information about the Tripolitania Police Force and I wondered is the smaller badge a collar badgeT




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