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This post is not intended to give a complete history of the old South African Police. Rather it is an

opener - with the hope that our many old SA Police members will respond with some history , and

their own personal experiences.

The above cap badge and collar badges are the pre 1994 pattern for officers - in gilt. After 1994

with the new Government, many things were changed - including the name. This became

the South African Police Services. SAPS. Only a small change - however, it brought into being

a quite different Force - and one that has a different view from the previous Government.

The original SAP was established in 1913 - prior to this there were a whole host of smaller Forces,

of which only the Cape Police and the Natal Police had real credibility. Following the Boer War, even

more were set-up and it was finally decided to make just one Authority, with Country wide powers.

The SAP were always a good Police Force - however, they were set-up to deal with a very big

Country and many different races of people. They were based on our standard British overseas

Police administrations - and being armed , were a para-military Force. This was in keeping with

Australia, Canada, India, Hongkong, Rhodesia etc..

Generally speaking it was usually Hongkong and Rhodesia that were held-up as the leaders in

efficiency and discipline - but they were not nearly as big in territory.

The SAP achieved their 75th Anniversary in 1988 - and with the changes in 1994 can be held to

have existed for 81 years.

These are some pictures of the 75th. medal.


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