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British War Medal to Canadian Army Medical Corps officer

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Hello all,

I picked up nice British War Medal to Canadian Army Medical Corps officer - Major Roland Mayrand.

I was able to find two pages of his attestation papers, input of his awards from WW1 and actually even a photo, when he served in France No. Canadian General Hospital December 1918.

So far I know only:

Born 1st October 1878

Trade: Physician

To be temporary Major July 1916

- served in France 9 February 1915 until 29 July 1915

- served in Salonika 28 February 1916 until 24 January 1917

- served in France 10 November 1917 until 3 February 1919 (most likely No.6 Canadian General Hospital, Joinville-le-Pont 1918)

Returned to Canada and was appointed under A.D.M.S. military district No. 5


1914-15 Star

British War Medal

Victory Medal

Unfortunately I haven't found out anything else about him and his service. Maybe any of you can point out right direction or can share some extra information about him?

Thanking you in advance,


PS: on the picture, one of them (middle guy probably) is him - No. 6 Canadian General Hospital, France, 1918

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thank you to the GWF forum member I have this part of information:

A 1917 article from The Journal of the American Medical Association.

Banquet to Major Mayrand. Major R. Mayrand, professor of electrotherapy at Laval University, Quebec, was tendered a banquet on his recent return to Quebec from the seat of war. He served at the Valcartier camp and sailed with the first Canadian unit, the only representative of the French Canadians in this first hospital corps, which served first at Hampstead, then at Boulogne in France, and later was stationed at Lemnos, where the equipment for 400 patients was swamped with 800 patients suffering from dysentery and nearly the whole of the personnel were affested also. The hospital was then sent to Alexandria and Salonika where malaria took the place of dysentery. Then the hospital was recalled and will probably be sent to France next, where Major Mayrand expects to rejoin it. The banquet was tendered by the medical department of the Hotel Dieu, to which he is attached, and by the Laval University.

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Very nice! Is it possible to access Canadian military archives? The photo adds a lot to this discussion. Can we see the medal, please?

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The Archives in Ottawa has his enlistment papers under "Robert" Maynard. He was from Neuville, just west of Quebec City, almost 40 years old when he enlisted and joined at Valcartier on 24 September, 1914, so one of the First Contingent' .

Noor - PM me and I'll send you his enlistment papers.

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