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1896-1954 Auckland,New Zealand residence. MAJOR WM. KAY. 3rd (AUCK) REGT. C.R.O.(1919) any other medals? I have most info which i have not looked into yet but if anyone has other medals of his they would be willing to sell i would be forever grateful. Thank you,Ray Oh yes I have his Long and efficient service medal but that is all. will update as to other medals he should have received an soon as i can.

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This could be him....

KAY, William, Major, 23/3, New Zealand Rifle Brigade. (L.G.) KB'19 O.B.E. Mil


Could you elaborate a bit? as i don't get it.Ray

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Hi Ray

Just informing you that William Kay was made a Officer of the Order of the British Empire, Military Division in the King's Birthday Honours of 1919.

And have you searched NZ Archives here


Click on "Preservation Master"

Then click on "Derivative Copy"

You should then see a PDF file for William Lay's WW I file


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One has to know about something in order to use it and i am dumb. much to learn and much happiness to you. one thing how do you access it without your link? is there a place to sign up? as i have a few other New Zealand medals. Many thanks I believe this why so far this is my favorite forum . yea that does not sound right. oh well. best,Ray

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Hello Ray

Access to WW I New Zealand soldiers are all online at ;


You will see a search box. Just type in the name you are looking for. For a common name use the soldier's number if you know it.

You will find a number of results - sometime hundreds - but soldier's records funnily enough appear under "Military records".

On some mens files you will find just one PDF of many pages. On other files you will see multiple PDF files for the one man. Archives are in the middle of bringing online military files because of the WW I centenary. Eventually all of the separate PDF files will be consolidated into one PDF file - when manpower permits.

For these multiple files you can look at them individually, or go through the "Preservation Master", "Derivative Copy" I process I gave in my previous post.

Sometimes you find more than one file for a man. Be sure to look at them all.

Another source for you is;


This is a digitised newspaper site, and you MAY find information there. (Search "ALL" papers). Again you'll hundreds of results - takes some "weeding" to sort out applicable references. Use the advanced search options.

WW II files you'll have to try accessing via the NZ Defence site.


Not easy, but they are available - have to prove man's death etc.

If you have any problems with any of the above get back to me.

If by any chance you're going to to OMSA in Irvine next month I'd be happy to explain further to anybody interested. Bring names of soldiers whose files you want to explore.



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gongz - thankyou for your help to Ray11. This willingness to help a member is what binds members of GMIC together. Mervyn

Mervyn you have said a mouthful and as i said somewhere else on this forum this forum is the best place because of the people. Gongz thank you AGAIN for your complete or close explanation. One question is information for the Australian services like this also or is it different? Best,Ray

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