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Hi All

New to this site so please bear with me, I am an Ex HGV Driver, 66years, no Service Ex, my plight, I am looking for two RAOB Jewel Medals belonging to a Mr Percy Whitehead from Billington Nr Blackburn Lancs, Percy was not known to me but his daughter has an issue with her Step Mum regards these Medals, they were given away after her Dad Died and she did not find out for a while after, can any member on here help me find these two medal please? she was taking about these on Sunday and I could see there was sorry in her face as the medals were given or sold without telling her, Her name is Jean / John Manning of Clay-le-Moors Lancshire, these two people are very good friends of ours & I would love to find them,I hope someone out there may help me, my next step is to contact the ROAB Museum in Harrogate & hope they might help me.

Thank you for any help members.


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Royal and Ancient Order of Buffalo's insignia is not a great collecting field . However, you can be sure that any of our

Members able to help will respond.

You all seem to live with-in a fairly limited area of Lancashire. Try to get the local press involved - this often the best way

to recover these old pieces. However, you do have to face the fact that they may have been silver - and if bought by a dealer

may have been melted down.

Anyway - best of luck. Let us know how you get on ? Mervyn

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