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Here are TWO "Ghost Date" Queen's South Africa medals;

#4 - To: 8206 Pte J. Johnston, 1: Highland Light Infantry

Missing Clasps: Wittebergen; Cape Colony; S.A.01

#5 - To: 133 Tpr. F.G. Hollington, 2: Victoria Mounted Rifles

Missing Clasps: Cape Colony; Rhodesia; S.A.01

Notes: Both medals confirmed on the Rolls, for the missing clasps.

Both medals acquired 'as is' - with missing clasps

Just for Member's interest, I have added a "period" postcard showing

troopers of the Victoria Mounted Rifles in the field. The printed caption

states: "Boer War. - Victorian (sic) Mounted Rifles (Bereden Infanterie.)"

Postcard printed by Picture Postcard Co.Ltd., 6 Drapers Gardens,

London, E.C. (2). (I bought this postcard from an auction in the U.K.)

NOW: We can pretty much assume one of two possibilities for both these

medals: (a) That they HAD the Clasps fitted, at one point, but for whatever

reason, they were removed, or (b) the medals and the clasps were issued

in the normal way, and, again, for whatever reason, the clasps were NOT

attached, and later were 'lost' by the recipient - i.e. never attached.

And, HERE is the QUESTION: What is the VIEW of GMIC Members?

> There are those collectors who hold the view, that, as this is the state in which

the medals were acquired into my collection, they should be left as such. OR,

> There are others who might be of the view, that if the correct missing clasps

can be found, that they should then be added, to complete the medals, as

they should be.

What are the general views of Members on this question?

Edited by David B 1812

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David - two very nice QSA's. I could have helped with the missing bars , however, they went to auction when I closed the shop.

City Coins - the largest Medal auction in SA has started and the catalogue is on line. I think you will find that they will have some bars.

They are in Capetown and I will give a link in a few days as I have 180 lots - the remaining stock from the shop.

I am in agreement that medals should not be cleaned - unless necessary - or otherwise interfered with. However, where bars

are on the Roll then I see nothing wrong with adding them to the medals. You would be restoring it to original condition.

Originals would be preferable to copies - although , as a stop gap, even these could do for display.

Interesting to see what other members think ? Mervyn

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Good Morning David

I always clean, after all no Sergeant Major would ever let you on parade with dirty medals..... Saying that, there is a product that I use that will not damage the medals......

Add the bars so long as they are ORIGINALS, many medals were issued without the bars and sent to the recipient later.....

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