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I have in my possession, the 14-15 trio of driver Frank Hatton of the Royal Field Artillery. As a result, I have become quite interested in finding out more about the owner. I know that on the back of the 14-15 Star the number given is 2650, if it helps anyone.

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Do you already have his medal index card? It states he landed in France on 4/10/15 and confirms his trio.

He enlisted on 2/9/14 was discharged on 17/10/17 due to sickness, from 5C Reserve Brigade RFA. His silver war badge number is 250880.

Name: Frank Hatton Discharge Unit: 5C Res. Bde. R.F.A. Regiment: Royal Artillery (Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Field Artillery) Regimental Number: 2650 Rank: Dvr. Badge Number: 250880

His service record doesn't appear to have survived.

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