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Interesting Find - 13th Battalion C.E.F. - Casualty

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Good Morning Everyone.....

This weekend had been one of the best that I have ever done on the Garage Sale Circuit as stated in a previous thread about the aerial camera..... Here is the WW1 Photograph.......

A very large colourized photograph of a member of either the 13th or 42nd Battalion CEF going by the cap badge and the seller saying that Grandad served in the Canadian Army in WW1......

I got the photograph home and took a very close look at it, written very faintly in pencil on the reverse is the name Robert Carric..... I tried to look up that name and found nothing that would match and then I added a “k” to the end “Carrick”.....

All the bells and whistles then went off......

24062 Sergeant Robert Lawson Carrick, 13th Battalion C.E.F.

Here are his attestation papers a bit hard to read.....


and here is his CWGC notification, he was killed or died on April 26th, 1915.....

Battle of St. Julien????? or as a result of gas from Battle of Gravenstafel ????? but anyway the Second Battle of Ypres.....


The size of the photograph is 17 Inches by 21 1/2 Inches so quite large ......


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It must have been a great feeling when the bells and whistles sounded! Congratulations on an excellent find and excellent detective work.



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A great find - and just at the right time with the Anniversary about to start. Mervyn

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