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That is an interesting post Leon.

I know of Lother Hartung and have a couple of his small catalogues from the early 90s.

It was more than likely his belief that the cross he pictured in his catalogue was a period item, but in my research and in my opinion it is a cross than has been made post '45 and is a reproduction of the original cross.

If it is your belief that the enamelled version of the cross is an original please let me know what avenue of research you went down to come to that conclusion as I am more than happy to revise my views

All the best


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Here you go Leon.

A quick check though various online auction houses produced the variants below ranging from £23-130.

All have variant backs but if you look at sword shapes and badge detail you will see that they are more similar to the Hartung badge but all have the same die characteristics.

If you have read the study work that I produced on the relics site you will understand that I believe every enamelled cross is an out and out forgery.


Don Cossack £26.jpg

Don Cossack £23.jpg

Don Cossack £23 another.jpg

Don Cossack £130.jpg

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