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A guy contacted me through the website who is moving house and has a few WW1 War Bond posters that have been up in his loft for about 50 odd years. He's offered them to me but they are totally not my thing (I'm trying to get rid of stuff rather than gathering more). I think some of them are in a bit of a state but someone may be interested. They will not be for free but he'd like them to go somewhere to be looked after rather than bin them.

PM me if you are interested and I'll let you have his e-mail.

If this isn't allowed then please delete this and accept my sincere apologies.

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Steve - I am sure these will be of interest. Post them for him on the Sales section - with a picture. This gives all

interested members a chance. Dependent on the number and the condition , set a sensible price that will attract bids.

Spinks may be able to help with a rough price ? Mervyn

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