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"The Police and the East End of London" Exhibition 1974

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Hi all,

As per the above title, does anyone know anything about the 'Police and the East End of London' exhibition in 1974??

If someone has the booklet for the exhibition could they post a scan her, please??

Mervyn has said in a another post :

''These are two informative drawings, made by Bob Marrion - the 'H' Division plan drawer in 1974.

I have shown them in the past - but, this seems a good time to repeat them. They are accurate

and drawn as illustrations for the booklet for the first Police Exhibition ever held by the Met. Police - this

was in 1974. My Home Beat had a wonderful hall above the Regency period local library. I put

forward a suggestion that we have an exhibition - "The Police and the East End of London" . It had

great publicity and many people loaned exhibits - we had over 30,000 visitors and schools bussed

their pupils-in. We had a formal lunch at Bethnal Green station - in our basement - the guest of honour

Bishop Huddleston, The Commissioner, Dep. Comm, and all 4 Asst. Comms. attended and then

visited the exhibition - which was extended to 5 weeks.''

Thank You,


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Zeb - I will go into some of the background of the exhibition in a week or so. Some members with a Police background may find it interesting. I think all of us who took part in it's creation were surprised to find that in a 150 years (at that time) history, that it was

the first time the Met. had ever had an exhibition for the public. Mervyn

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