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Argyll & Sutherland Officers razor set

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Hi Dutypiper. Why do you say it is an officer's of the A & S ? I think you are in the right period - before and after WW2.

However the instruction sheet at bottom right incl. the small accessories, are for a Rolls Razor. This looked like a large

safety razor - the big difference was that it came with a strop or, strap which could be fitted into the razor for sharpening.

They were expensive to buy and are still sought after.

The cut throat razor has a history over many years - a gentleman would have a set of 7 - often each one showing a different

day. His valet or Batman would then know to use them in the right order to prevent excessive wear. Mervyn

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on the handle is engraved A&SH ( Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders) and the number 4910, the knife is made by Josph Allen & Son Sheffield, thats all what I can say about it!

thanks for the reply!!


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