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A few weeks back we had a very sad event. Local SAP (South African Police) were chasing a group of

robberery suspects and a Police Dog was released in rough bush to try and flush them out. He never

returned. There was a really big search for him - and eventually they found his body - stabbed numerous


I cannot describe the out pourings of sympathy that this has occasioned - Churches , schools, Rotary,

just so many clubs and groups of all description have been raising money for the Dog Unit and for a

replacement puppy for the Handler. The last I heard enough had been raised to purchase a number of

new dogs for the unit.

This picture shows one of the local security guard companies - Blue Security - who I use, presenting a

cheque for nearly 34000 Rands (approx. 2000pounds - $3200) to a representitive of the SAP Dog Unit.

I think his Rottweiler is one of the biggest I have ever seen. Craig will know better then I do - however, I

think at one time the Met. used them, but found them dangerous. I think we only use German Shepherds

now. This is not the first time a Police Dog has been injured or killed in Sth. Africa - our criminals are

heavily armed and always carry knives.

I did offer them Tia - my min. Dachsie - they thought she could be a mascot - big mistake she'd take on

anything. Mervyn

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Sad story of the Police Dog :( but it is nice to see an outpouring of support :) for the unit.

Thank you for sharing this with us Mervyn :)

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