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Chris Boonzaier

Interesting article...

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Hello Chris.

Thanks for drawing our attention to these two articles. It is disappointing to find these in "Die Welt" which I have considered reasonably accurate and have read from time to time. Just a simple error should have been caught by an editor ( if such a person does exist ) namely that Fredrick the Great reigned from 1712 to 1786.

While I am not too good in retaining money values the figures given by a so-called expert appear taken off the wall and do not reflect the current prices asked by German dealers.

Bernhard H. Holst

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Quite comical. €5000 for a set of oakleaves with swords - at that rate I'd take a whole bunch. 

The comments are even funnier, declaring that collecting orders and medals is dead and soon everything will become worthless. 

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