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I think I may have found him

There was an Inspector Davis of B Division who was pensioned 16/12/1887.  The same man was in B Division as an Inspector in March 1885.  That all fits with him definitely getting an 1887 Medal named as Insp B Div. 

Davis' Warrant Number was 46537. 

Unfortunately the Attestation Registers start at Warrant Number 51491 and the Discharge Registers started in March 1889 so neither of those are able to help.  Also he is way too early to have a service sheet (start at 74201).

My only other information source are some Law Directories.  In 1882 the Met Police entries show that in B Division there was an Inspector Jeffery Davis which I would suggest is the same man.

So putting it all together we have Inspector Jeffery Davis, Warrant Number 46537, Pensioned 16/12/1887.  

By the way in 1882 B Division was called Westminster.  The Division name was later changed to Chelsea although I don't have an exact date for that.

Not very much I'm afraid and I can't find his name in any Old Bailey cases around the 1880s.

There might be some pension stuff for him but that would require a visit to The National Archives at Kew to check that out (not available on line).



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I've just checked and there should be some pension records for Davis at The National Archives - file reference is :- MEPO 21/18 which covers pension numbers 6501 - 7000 (period 1887 - 1888).

These have not been digitised so you would require a Readers Ticket to access them.

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