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Australian Army Officer's List - does anyone have a copy?

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Hi all -- I am trying to research a uniform a bit before purchasing it.  I can hardly make out the name written in it -- looks like R. Spearmint or R. Spearpoint.  The service number appears to be and is according to the seller: 2/731156 or 2731156.  I believe this means he was from New South Wales in the reserves?  I am interested in the jacket since he has Korean War service for which he was mentioned in despatches and also received the US Bronze Star, QEII Coronation Medal 1953, and both 1918 and 1962 General Service Medals.  I found one Ronald Spearpoint that lived in NSW but have not found connection to any military service.  Those names and that number also do not show up in the nominal rolls for Australian veterans of Korea or even Vietnam.

I am hoping that number would appear in the officer's list and could resolve the mystery, even if the name does not match the uniform.




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