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My sister found this colourized photo for sale for $1.00 on the street in Toronto and gave it to me.  A sad fate for something which clearly meant a lot to someone once upon a time.  The reverse says " SWAINE  146 New Bond St., W.  Southsea ".IMG_20150816_0001.thumb.jpg.3a28b2e6ddb9

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Certainly for an officer, in most cases, the collars would have been regimental badges.  Also true for many but not all of the CEF battalions, depending on how large and how long they lasted.  Many of the higher numbered battalions - there were over 200 in all - only numbered 600-700 men when they reached England and were broken up for reinforcements.  So, for example, my great uncle joined the 155th [Bay of Qunite] Battalion and went to England with them in early 1916, where the unit was broken up.  He, and many of his comrades, fought in the 21st Battalion.

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