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Order Satsuma Ryu Kyu

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Hello Gentlemen, I might go to Japan sooner. I knew the onliest surviving Order of Satsuma Ryu Kyu was on display somewhere (maybe in Kagoshima City Hall). However I would like to know if some member on this forum have more reliable information about the current display of this Decoration. I read on internet that Kagoshima City Hall was under renovation....??

As Japan is not in the list of countries I go on a regular basis, it might be for me the unique occasion to see it with my own eyes.

Thanks for all kind of information.


Japan Satsuma Ryukyu Kunsho 1.jpg

Japan Satsuma Ryu Kyu Kunsho 2.jpg

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Hi Emmanuel! 

Two medals are known and both are currently in Kagoshima Prefecture ;) 

One should be here

Satsuma lore Museum of Ibusuki (12131-4 Higashikata, Ibusuki, Kagoshima Prefecture 891-0404, Japan)

And another here (9698-1 Yoshinocho, Kagoshima, Kagoshima Prefecture 892-0871, Japan)






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The medal is not always on display at the Shuseikan. I made a special trip down there thinking it was part of the permanent display, but they only had a photo. I asked to see the original (there were no other visitors at that time), but the lady told me it was 'difficult,' which means impossible in Japan.


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That would be great to be able to see one of these in person and get a photo! Rich, any possibility of finding out if there is some sort of schedule for displaying the medal, or do you think it is pretty much never on display, just sequestered away in some safe storage?

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