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Mike McLellan

Opinions sought re: Met Police revolver stamping

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I've seen, from time to time, 2 different marks stamped on weapons from the Metropolitan Police. By far, the more common is the MP with a crown. This stamp was hammered on just about everything that wasn't nailed down. The other one, featuring a depiction of hands secured by handcuffs, and accompanied by the MP, shows up on Webley revolvers. I suspect that the former, more simple stamp was placed on police property by the Metropolitan Police, and that the more more colorful, latter depiction was stamped by Webley & Scott to identify a specific model, but I'm not certain about either. 

The existence of either stamp seemingly elevates the value of the gun, but the handcuff stamp seems much more valuable. Realistically, I would think that the gun marked by the Department would be more sought-after. Alas, I have not yet been in a position to afford either type, so I have to rely on others to lift the shroud of mystery with a closer examination. 



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