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Looking For Police Items

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I am looking for Police items, era anywhere from 1930s to 1980s, the kind of things Im looking for is

Bobby Helmet Plates and a Helmet, plates oxy and nickel.

Cap Badges anything, Collar Badges same

Uniform Buttons

Uniform Number Badges

Whistle the long type with chain, loose chains without whistle

Any old ranks

At some stage I would like to assemble a bobbys uniform somewhere around 50s or 60s, I am off course interested in any other bobby bits n bobs.

I have a quantity of Aussie VietNam equipment to trade if anyones keen.

I missed a set of Hyatt Cuffs too with the screw key

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Have a look at eBay. That's your best bet. No end of items are on there which fall into your collecting interests. In addition to sellers in the UK there are several in Australia which will keep your mailing costs down.


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