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Mitya Ivanov

Unknown middle-eastern or arabo-african(?) decorations

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I can only tell you what is written in arabic: what it means ;Salvation in the Truth" or "Najat fi al-Sidq". Style is ottoman but modified however more recent.

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Decorations below the shield appear to be a French kingdom Legion of Honor, unknown, and a first type Tunisian Order of Glory or possibly a reversed Turkish Medjidjie [?].   The mantling seems to bear a Legion of Honor badge on the right and a first type Tunisian Order of Glory or possibly reversed Turkish Medjidjie [?] on the left.   

The central badge appears to depict a  star surrounded by laurel leaves suspended from a crown....the only award design known to me similar to this is the Muslim version of Jacques Lebaudy's ephemeral Order of the Sahara.    

However, date periods for a French royal Legion of Honor  [1814-48]  and a first type Tunisian Order of Glory [1835-59] do not agree with that of the Order of the Sahara [1903-09?].    A tarot deck or card game published in France ca. 1904 called the 'Croix du Sahara' in amusing or witty reference to Lebaudy's Empire of the Sahara contains a card with a palm tree and two stars arranged somewhat like the center of this item, meaning unknown.

The motto does not track with any known Lebaudy rhetoric or evidence although Arabic was an [the?] official language for the Empire...



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