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Lukasz Gaszewski

New North Korean medal

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I have found this picture showing joyful, cheering North Korean veterans. I have noticed something which is probably a new medal, unknown to me. The man far right has two such medals. The ribbon is yellow with red and white stripes and most probably red borders. Does somebody know what it is? Notice that it is worn on the right.

North Koreans w new medals.jpg

North Korean medal.jpg

North Korean medal 2.jpg

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No idea, but it could be some kind of commemorative medal for the end of the GPW, I wish there was a better quality image of it and closer up to at least be able to make out the figures on the first photo.

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I think there is a picture of the medal in the book Military and Civil Awards of the Democratic People´s Repulic of Korea (DPRK) from Warren E. Sessler an Paul D. McDaniel Jr. on page 385. The name of the medal is Review Commemoration Medal. Established: March 26, 1997.

Best regards

Richard S 

Here are some pictures of my medal.





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