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I just bought this in an auction.  Didn't pay much and was intrigued.  It was advertised as Helmet Plate.  It could be I suppose but I am not convinced.  Its size is: Height 5 1/2", Width: 3 3/4.  


Is it authentic?

Is it a Helmet Plate?

Is it something else for a uniform? (cross belt plate, cartridge box plate)

Is it not for a uniform at all?


Any thoughts would be helpful.





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I picked up the badge today.  A little mystery emerged.  Turns out the badge has had a nicely made silver palm and lion applied over the same design underneath.  It is attached with a pair of screws.  I have no idea why this was done.  I also don't think it is a helmet plate.  It is totally flat.  It may be a cross belt plate.


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The size is certainly appropriate for a helmet plate but the construction is not.  They were typically stamped out, so the reverse of the badge showed the design too, whereas this looks cast and, I suspect, very heavy for something worn on the head.

The Wikipedia article on the Singapore volunteers shows what it identifies as a 'crest' for the unit and I suspect this is similar: meant to go on a plaque or wall rather than on a soldier's kit.  Possibly even an auto badge.  

Below is an example of a cap badge, 'borrowed' from the British badge Forum and you can see the difference in construction.  You might also consider consulting the author of a blof on the SVC, found here:  http://sgvolunteerscorps.blogspot.co.uk


Sing Vol Corps.jpg

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Thanks for the response.  I had already contacted the researcher at the Malaya Volunteers Group.  He is doing some investigating.  He had never seen one either.  I had thought about a car badge too.

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