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Turkish Masonic badge Yükseliş lodge

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Hello all,

I have this neck badge, but I have only minor information about it. It is some sort of badge of the Turkish Yükseliş lodge (lodge # 12), which is established in the Ankara region on the 24th of June 1950. It had approximately 120 members. I believe the lodge does not exist anymore, since all information I have found dates before 2004. The last grand master of the lodge (Ufuk BULUT) had this position in the years 2003-2004. All information I have is from this website: http://masonlocasi.blogspot.com/2015/04/yukselis-muhterem-locas.html, which I translated with Google Translate.

Can somebody tell me more about this badge? When was it introduced, who worn it, how many are there produced, did it have a particular function, etc?


and the backside:


Thanking you in advance for the information!

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