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CANADIAN RAILWAY TROOPERS - Discharge Book 1902 / Military Book 1918

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CANADIAN RAILWAY TROOPERS - Discharge Book 1902 / Military Book 1918

FOR SALE are these two books. I'm not a military collector but a passport collector!

Interesting is the entry in the Seamen Discharge book " TATTOO or other Distinguishing Marks" ! The book is from 1902 and mention TATTOO which I find remarkable.

Frederick Stanley Dyke, born 1881 in Croydon was later Captain at the Canadian Railway Troops in 1918 (before Lieutenant in 1916) according his Military book. The book includes a personal handwritten evaluation of his commanding officer. See pictures.

I posted wrongly in the old category!


Just contact me if interested - passportcollector@gmail.com 

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