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Help needed in identifying uniform

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Hello, I was hoping somebody could help me to identify which regiment this gentleman in the photo may have belonged to.I have started to research my Father in Laws family tree and this photo belongs to him and it is of his Great Grand Father George William Simpson 1877-1958.

My Father in law is elderly himself now but has always showed me this photo and has said he would have loved to have know what was his rank/ regiment was. I would love to be able to find some information for him.

He was told that he Was in the Royal fussilers and served in India but we have no proof.

Also I notice that he looks quite old in the photo

I have also included a photo of a document which is obviously from his Military service as it contains a list of all of his children on the date it was signed.

I also have a query about George William Simpson's son and his service history but I will ask one question at a time

Any help would be appreiciated 

Thank you



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This uniform was worn by many thousands serving in Africa and East of Aden, so that is of no help. But the badge on the cap could be a lead. For that reason, can you make a high resulution scan of the head only, for us?

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MIchelle, the badge on your man's  cap could  possibly be the grenade emblem worn by the Royal Fusiliers. The blue 'Field Service' cap was replaced by another design in 1902 for troops in Great Britain but continued  in use until 1914 for troops in India, a place also indicated by the khaki drill uniform he is wearing. The Royal Fusiliers had two of their four battalions serving India between 1902 and 1916. The 2nd Battalion circa  1905-1915 and the 3rd Battalion  briefly in 1911-12.


He is indeed an elderly gentleman; too old to have been born in 1877, I would suggest. In 1914 he would have been only a sprightly 37. There are no badges of rank visible.

This is a little late in the day but I hope you have asked for 'reply notification' and that this helps you at least a little way down the road.

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