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I just acquired what is described as a senior officer's dress peaked cap for the short-lived Glider Pilot Regiment, on Ebay.

Sorry about lack of photos, but the cap is dark blue, with a light blue band & piping, and gold edging to the peak, for major & above.

The badge appears to be correct, but the side buttons are plain silver domed, hussar-type buttons.

I assumed that this regiment wore only the beret, even in full dress, a la the AAC. Methinks the cap may actually be for the Northumberland Hussars. Any opinions appreciated.


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  • Hi,  The cap you describe sounds like a Royal Army Education Corps Number 1 Dress item with Cambridge blue band and welts for field ranks? My understanding is that only a beret was worn however, I did read some time ago, that a short lived visor was worn for one special occasion but more than that I can not recall.  The buttons sound suspect and as you suggest, possibly Northumberland Hussars?  Have you tried removing the cap badge to see if the lug holes line up and any badge outline can be seen either impressed into the cap material or fading where the badge has been?  If so, does the indentation/fading match the current badge??  I hope that you have a good and original item.
  • The 1st photo is of a pair of RAEC caps with slightly different blue bands and welts and the other two are of a Northhants Hussars cap with a darker blue band and welts.  The buttons may be of interest???  Hope that they help.


Regards and best wishes  Michael R




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Apologies for the delayed response. Looking at the cap in question in better light, the shade of blue now looks more blue grey in shade, and not a true pale blue.

I am befuddled, given the hussar type silver side buttons, as I am no longer convinced that the cap is for the Northumberland Hussars. A complete reference source on Yeomanry uniforms seems to be nonexistent.




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As Michael states, the cap you bought is indeed a Royal Army Education Corps item; "sexed-up" with a Glider Pilot Regt. cap badge to make it more desirable. I saw this myself and remembered the seller as being someone from whom I'd bought some original GPR buttons for a friend just a few weeks earlier; 'td999' I think is the guy's username?. It's not uncommon to see sellers listing both good and bad items and in their defence, I guess they can't possible know everything.

You mentioned that the "badge appeared to be correct". I'm as close as you'll get to an expert in the field of Glider Pilot Regt. insignia so if you could post a photo of the badge, I'd be happy to give you an honest opinion.

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