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Question on Golden Kite

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Good morning Guys !

I'm from Italy and I'm new on this forum, but I've an interesting question for you...

The question is about awards of Admiral Nobutake Kondo.

Well, everywhere is resported that Kondo was awarded with Golden Kite 3rd class and then with Golden Kite 1st, but the only pictures of him with the GK insigna seems to tell a different story.


In this picture, Kondo has collar and cross, but the cross is on the right side, and this should say "2° Class" (not 1st + 3°).

Look this other :



Here, Kondo wears Gran Cordon of the Rising Sun, but the Golden Kite Cross is still there, on the right side.

Now, if Kondo has the Gran Cordon of Golden Kite, why he wears the sash of an inferior Order ?

I don't know where, but there is something wrong, and I think that Kondo was awarded with 2° Class of GK, and NOT with the first.

What do you thik about this ?

Is there anybody who can post a complete listing of recipients of 1st and/or 2nd class of Golden Kite to verify my theory ?


Thanks to all.


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