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Skull & Bones Symbol in Army from past to present

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These are Estonian Kuperjanov (Partisan) Battalion items. 1918 - present days.


Officer & soldiers during Estonian War of Independence 1918-1920







Soldier hat skull & Officer skull



Sport pin


Iseseisvuspäev Taara linnakus 22.02.jpg


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Bulak - Balachowicz skull badge, 1920



Latvian Latgale Partisan Battalion Est. 1919



Bulgarian Army also was used the Totenkopf in Tank Brigades.

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If you wish the roots of this tradition, I believe you need to look to the 'Black Brunswickers' of the Napoleonic period and their spiritual descendants in the German cavalry of the 19th century.  Pity the SS made the skull so unpalatable as a device to most modern users.

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Once i read that the use of the skull and bones by prussian hussars after the death of Frederick William 1 . Frederick the Great formed a regiment of hussars the 5th or von Ruesch hussars , and gave to their members small triangular pennons made of black cloth with the skull and bones in white over . the pennons formed part of the mourning decorations at the king s funerals . The hussars founded the banderoles well suited and used them on their mirlitons . Possible ,the Great King was notorious for his economic mind ,he dont likes waste nothing . The skull was too emblem of the british Royal Lancers . the 3rd Cavalry regiment of the chilean Army has the name Hussars and the skull and bones as emblem .

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Kuperjanov partisan battalion 1919. Note skull on helmet. It's similar to some Freikorps skull helmets.


VS-aegne ülesvõte Kuperjanovi partisanidest.Kuperjanovlased Ingerimaal, 1. roodu, ülem alamleitnant Rudolf Tarik.jpg

VS-aegne ülesvõte Kuperjanovi partisanidest, kus ühel mehel on surnupealuu ja kondid kiivrile joonistatud.jpg

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