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The Tottenham Outrage 1909, occurred on N Division and the vast majority of the officers involved came from that division, HOWEVER, it also appears that two officers from J Division were also involved, PC222J Bleadon & PC442J Wilson. Am curious to know how these two officers became involved and what their role in the outrage was, can anyone shine any light on this for me? 

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There is a small book called " The Tottenham Outrage" written in 2009  to coincide with the anniversary and available (or Was) from the Tottenham Council/Amenities. It is very in depth and will answer all your questions. My understanding is that at some stage during the chase the two Letts meandered over or close to the "J" Division border and were engaged by officers of that Division. In the book a full list is given of those Civilian and Police, Killed, Wounded, Awarded KPM's, Commendations or Notes to Constables Credit.  



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