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Anyone Collect Czech Legion in Russia?

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I have embarked on an interesting journey of collecting items from the Czech Legion in Russia, that was there from 1918-1920. I haven't discovered many references out there about it at all, or any other collectors, other than a few random ones that outbid me on eBay. :cheeky: I'm looking for any type of references or good books out there on the subject, either in English, Czech or Russian. Any help is appreciated!


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Good luck!

My entire offering--

The End of the Trail


weary Legionnaires on the rocky shores of the Pacific, with a famous monastery (the name of which currently eludes me) on a rocky ... rock ... off of Vladivostok.

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Could you be a bit more specific on what kind of reference books you are looking. On my recent trip to Prague I did pick up some works that also contains info on the Legion http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=688&pid=61361&st=20 . However I such easily be able to come up with some additional titles if I just knew a bit more what you are looking for.

Kind Regards

Steen Ammentorp

The generals of World WarII

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