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Officer's busby badge - my last find!

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Hi all,

I just wanted to share my yesterday's pick up. I am sure this badge will be my humble badges collection highlight for a long time and will be difficult to upgrade.

I attached the badge to the display already and forgot to make a picture of the back but basically this one has two screw posts on the reverse. I have seen as well combinations of screw posts/lugs, etc.

Anyway, I am delighted and I just wanted to share a photo of it with the rest of the forum members.


Officer busby badge.jpg

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I don't mean to display my ignorance to the whole world, but I could use a hint as to where this is from. I identify three castles as either Dublin or Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The shamrocks offer a clue, but the tiger and elephant leave me clueless (my normal comfort zone). Can you help educate the confused masses and tell us something about this beautiful busby badge. Thanks, Mike. 

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Royal Dublin Fusiliers can be traced back to 1760/61. These pre-successor units stationed in India and/or were part of HEIC (Honourable East India Company). 1st Battalion developed from the units that stationed in Madras (Madras European Regiment, 102nd Royal Madras Fusiliers, etc) and their symbol was an elephant. 2nd Battalion was raised from the unit that stationed in Bombay (Bombay European Regiment, 103rd Royal Bombay Fusiliers).

When 1st July 1881 Royal Dublin Fusiliers were created, then rest of the battalions were raised based on the local militia units:

3rd Battalion - The Kildare Militia

4th Battalion - Royal Dublin City Militia

5th Battalion - Royal County of Dublin Militia

The best overview of the regiment development is actually well presented on this file:



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Here are few pieces that I have from pre 1881 period:


102nd Royal Madras Fusiliers prok pie hat cap badge_front.jpg

102nd Royal Madras Fusiliers uniform button.jpg

103rd Royal Bombay Fusiliers badge_front.jpg

103rd Royal Bombay Fusiliers collar.jpg

103rd Royal Bombay Fusiliers Fusiliers officers mess button.jpg

Here is my only militia item so far (Irish militia items are usually hard to find and expensive)  - a single 4th Battalion (City of Dublin Militia) collar.


4th Battalion Dublin City Militia collar.jpg

post 1881 officer's collars:


Officer ebroidered collars.jpg

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