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Hannoverschen Husaren Regiment / Peninsula War / 3rd Gottingen Regiment / Soldier Search (Heinrich Sievers)

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I am currently researching Heinrich Sievers of the Hannoverian Hussars Regiment. Unfortunately, the only concrete info I have on him comes from a Gottingen baptism record of his son (another Heinrich) dated 1823, which merely states he served in the "Hannoverschen Husaren Regiment". There is no other info.

I have managed to find 3 transcribed records online which could be a match - one for "Heinrich Sievers" and two for a "Henry Sievers":

  • Heinrich Sievers - 3rd Hussars, Pte, 1 clasp - Peninsular Medal Roll
  • Henry Sievers - 1st Hussars, Pte, 10 clasps - Peninsular Medal Roll
  • Henry Sievers - 2nd Light Battalion KGL, 3rd Company, Pte - Waterloo Medal Roll

I'm assuming these are all separate individuals, but I suppose the latter two could relate to the same person? Moreover, I'm guessing the first one will probably be the soldier from my Gottingen baptism record as I believe the 3rd Hussar Regiment of the KGL went onto form the 3rd Gottingen Hussar Regiment in Germany (after the KGL was disbanded). Not sure if anyone has more info on this? 

Can anyone provide more information re. the above soldiers? With my (extremely) limited German, I have written to the local archives in Gottingen and the Arbeitskreis Hannoversche Militärgeschichte to see if they have any info to share, but thus far neither approach has yielded any fruit.

Appreciate it's a long shot, but I'd be grateful for any thoughts / recommendations for other military sources that might help me drill the list of 3 candidates down.




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I'm afraid my limited expertise on things Napoleonic is realted solely to the British Army and, more specifically, the War of 1812, and my German is non-existant.  However, there were some very good looking KGL troops at Waterloo 2015 last summer and there is a facebook page for at least one of the units: https://www.facebook.com/KGAUK/

Peter Catley, a senior re-enactor and acqauintance of mine is linked to the group, I think, but even if he isn't can almost certainly direct you to knowledgeable types in the UK who may be able to answer your questions.

I hope this is of some small help.


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