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On ‎06‎/‎01‎/‎2019 at 11:29, Odulf said:

Another interesting portrait, with information.

We see a Maschinen-Obermaat of the 1. Komp. Marine-Stabsabteilung Festungskommandantur LS Gotenhafen [1st Coy Navy Staff Unit of the Garrison Administration Gotenhafen - presenty named Gdynia], the photo is dated 5 April 1940. Interesting to note the crossed anchors below the letter "O" (for "Ostsee"), the early style cap with woven roundel and oak leaves. Also interesting to see his ribbon bar, which denotes that he is from Austria, with 2 medals for bravery in the Great War.


Hi Edgar,

Your photo is a stunner!



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