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Canada's newest medal, the Sovereigns Medal for Volunteers. The inaugural presentation is to take place Tuesday, April 12th at Rideau Hall. This is the first official photo of the medal, more to follow! For more info about other recipients and eligibility criteria please check the Governor Generals website

can med new.jpg

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Intersting!  Does the background info. give the rationale for institutitng this, Frank?  Are they perhaps afraid that there are not enough provincial awards for this, or that Her Majesty won't be around long enough for another XXth anniversary medal to share out?

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The Canadian Press
Published Wednesday, July 15, 2015 12:36PM EDT

OTTAWA - A new official honour has been created to recognize Canadian volunteers.

The Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers will be awarded to those who have made a significant, sustained, unpaid contribution to their community.
The new honour incorporates and replaces the existing Governor General's Caring Canadian Award, established in 1995 by then-governor general Romeo LeBlanc.
Gov. Gen. David Johnston announced the establishment of the new medal today, following its approval by Queen Elizabeth II.
He says the medal will emphasize Canada's commitment to giving.
The last federal budget gave the governor general an additional $2.8 million per year to update Canada's existing honours system in a bid to bring it more into the modern era.



There is also talk that since the current government has cancelled the 150 Medal that this medal will have to suffice......



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