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Eric Stahlhut

fairly rare, obscure item, help needed!

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alternate title for this thread: "in the time of chimpanzees, i was a monkey"

i'm super stoked to have this. i consider it comparable in rarity to this other arcane item:

anyways, i haven't been able to glean much information on this particular organization. given the times, i'm sure it wasn't too big of an outfit, but it serves as a great example of how it seems imperative that every german group had to have some type of award or medal. it illustrates the german propensity and predilection for medals and bling

anyhow, here's the subject. nonmagnetic, finished in chocolate bronze, made by lauer of nurnberg. ribbon is cream and purple, which gives me the idea that there may be some religious affiliation. 

 "the league of non-frontfighters"......anyone have any info on it?

CIMG0001 (2).JPGCIMG0002 (3).JPG






sorry about the horizontal images, they are correct on my computer, but when posting them on this forum, they magically go sideways


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hi andreas,

 yes, i saw that when looking up this medal--thank you for posting the link--i was hoping for more precise information about the history of this organization

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