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2016 Photo Contest Winner

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After consulting with the judges and our esteemed Chairman, it has been decided to declare a single winner for the 2016 Photography Contest.

That winner is 'Rogi', hereby offically named 'Distinguished Photgrapher, GMIC, 2016'.

Our thatnks to those few but dedicated members who took part bu submitting entries in several categories.  For other members whose talents may lie elsewhere, suggestions for other forms of gentlemanly competition will be entertained for future contests.

Again, thanks to those who submitted entries and congratulations to Rogi.

Peter Monahan 

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ID: 2   Posted (edited)

Thank you Peter I feel honored to have won, I'd like to thank all competitors, judges and staff associated with holding the photo competition this year. I wish everyone the best for next years competiton and am eagerly waiting for it :) 

It is a competition that we all look eagerly forward to and without our members picking up the torch and continuing  it would not be possible. It is a huge privelage that we had a competition this year, I think it was very hard with Mervyn's passing as he had a huge passion for this competition and he will forever be remembered in our hearts. 

Edited by Rogi

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Many congrats Rogi. 

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