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Aleksei Nikolaevich Inauri - KGB Chief

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This is Aleksander Nikolaevich Inauri, 1908 - 1993.  WWII tank commander, HSU and eventual Soviet Colonel General and head of the Georgian KGB.


This is his complete set of Supreme Soviet IDs and pins, from 1954 - 1984.


After his death some unscrupulous quick-profit men bought his awards from someone in the family with access but perhaps not permission.  They pretty much trashed everything else as junk.  I bought everything else I could find in Tbilisi over the course of several years.   That included these pins and IDS.  I have a lot of his other stuff.




(Photo By n/a - experti.ge, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17937416)




Inauri 2a.jpg



Inauri ID 3.jpg

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Oops.  Photo won't post.  I suspect operator error.

Wiki link still works, though.

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