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Lace and embroidery design

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Hi Everyone,

Recently I went through dress regulations of several British colonial Military Forces and found that, the lace design for the commanders of these forces were not followed Imperial pattern. In British army and Indian army dress regulations, general officers wore oak leaf and acorn embroidery on dark blue collar and cuff. 

Commandant of New South Wales  Military Forces (in 1895, rank was Major General) wore waratah leaf embroidery instead of oak leaf embroidery according to the dress regulations of New South Wales Military Forces 1895. 

On the other hand, General Staff officers i.e. Adjutant General, Quartermaster General etc. of Canadian Militia, New South Wales (NSW) Military Forces, Victorian Military Forces wore their own colonial type laces.
NSW Military Forces- Waratah leaf lace
Victorian Military Forces- Victorian lace
Canadian Militia- Maple leaf lace

Can anyone give the details of each lace and embroidery please?


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