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Eric Stahlhut

hansen screwback variant?

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here's a very fine cross that i am on the fence about. while the core does not have the traits of the established type, the cross has an attribute associated with hansen, and found only on certain hansen crosses. the screw post is very finely done, with a flat finished end. it's done so that the end will fit the disc flush.

overall this FLAT cross is finished very well--the corners are all hand finished, some nice higher-content silver frames (unmarked) that have a beautiful rainbow tarnish, and a decent core

 the fact that the inside of the disc has the same panoply of colors in the tarnish-- many hues of yellow, green, brown, purpley blue, and black, as the tarnish on the back of the cross--is a very good sign for me

any ideas? either way you look at it--- it's a very, very nice cross! 

CIMG0003 (14).JPGCIMG0001 (17).JPGCIMG0006 (5).JPGCIMG0007 (6).JPGCIMG0008 (4).JPG


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Nice cross :) i hve one the same wht org Box :) 






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Unfortunately, not only the core, but the frame as well can not be associated with Hansen. In my opinion, this cross, same as MH´s cross is the result of post production marriage. If it is period marriage or modern one, is another question.

Btw, when we speak about "Hansen", we speak about three core types (different from yours) and four producers (Hansen had three subsidiaries + himself). So far, only two of them are known by name (Hansen Kiel and Koch&Bergfeld Bremen) and producing EK1s. The rest of them were seen so far only on Hansen type EK2s. But all of them used the same frame. So the only thing that keeps this cross with the Hansen disc together is the diameter of the threaded stud - and the tarnish. If it is enough for you, there is nothing more to say.

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  thank you very much for your evaluation--and the concise summary of what is currently known about hansen crosses--i will continue to relegate my appreciation for this cross towards what it actually is, versus how it could be perceived!


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