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German patriotic insignia

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Can anyone tell me something about this German patriotic insignia? Also would anyone have an idea what type of medal would have on on this suspension?

Patriotic Medal.jpg

Patriotic ribbon.jpg

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You're in the wrong forum. This should have been posted on the Germany: Imperial: The Orders, Decorations and Medals of The Imperial German States forum.

The first one is the Deutscher Krieger Bund which was formed in 1876 as a national veteran's association for enlisted men. The metal suspender was generic and was usually customized with a local chapter's membership cross or medal. The cross on yours is likely some sort of generic patriotic commemorative, maybe in honour of Wilhelm II's assession to the throne in 1888, or is maybe just some sort of loyalty cross.

The trifold ribbon could have been used for any number of patriotic medals. It's hard to say.


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Many thanks. Sorry about the wrong forum. My Grandfather was in the K.uK. kriegmarine UBoats. I believe he may have joined after WW1.


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