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Hello.heres some eagles and badges offed for sale.All are original badges and eagles.

kyffhäuserbund breast eagle 25 euro

kyffhäuserbund cab eagle.missing 2 prongs 10 euro

kyffhäuserbund members pin 12 euro

NS Deutsche soldatenbund breast eagle 40 euro

 NS Deutsche soldatenbund cab eagle 50 euro

NS Deutsche soldatenbund members pin 20 euro

Zollbeamter cab eagle in zink 30 euro

1 model WH officers cab eagle 45 euro

NSDAP cap eagle.missing one prong 35 euro

SA cab or kepi eagle. 20 euro

SA cab or kepi eagle with repair on the prongs 15 euro

SOLD...DRA Sportsbadge in gold 30 euro..SOLD

 DRA Sportsbadge in silver 25 euro

DRA Sportsbadge in bronze 20 euro

DRl Sportsbadge in bronze 25 euro

SA sportsbadge in silver with 5 digit number.33496. Is for sale in its own post  

SA sportsbadge in bronze.with number 778848  30 euro 

SA sportsbadge for the wounded in war.marked M1/100 W.Redo 375 euro

SOLD...Für treue arbeit 50 years medal. 200 euro....SOLD...

Best regards from

Jesper pedersen







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Sa sport for war wounded is on hold


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I have removed your bank details and email address for security reasons from the original post.

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