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Has anyone ever come across an example of a  medal named to an none H Division officer, but who was involved in an incident whereby he gave evidence with his parent Divisional details at court for an incident that took place within H Division, so it can be assumed that he must have been drafted into H Division for the anti-Jack patrols. I don't know if such an example exists, but surely with the "hundreds" of officers drafted in (PC Frederick WENSLEY L Division is an example), surely one of them must have made an arrest for something that ended up in a court hearing? I have been searching for sometime now but haven't turned anything up yet. I am mainly basing my search on Old Bailey trials. But perhaps the press reports on local court hearings might also be a source? Has anyone ever come across an example or have one in their collections perhaps, I would very much like to hear from anyone who can offer an example. 

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