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"That doesn't look like a trace of golden color or anything left over after gilding, silver plate layer is on top."

     It means that the badge consists of two parts/metals?: the central part of white metal, while the rest  of yellow. But it isn't logical(for this order) and there are no traces of fastening of these parts. After all it is necessary to see an order carefully alive. Or I did not understand something ?

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The order looked like that to me, that's why I ended first post about it with question "How is this possible?"
The first thing that was confusing me is the fact that there was a lot of dirt on the order and after I thoroughly cleaned it those yellowish parts appeared, so they could not be that easily removed. I have no idea what could that be, they were covering too much of order to be a factory flaw, I doubt that someone painted the order and that can't be patina, but who knows I was wrong once, maybe I'm wrong again.
Second thing, when you look at that last photo I've posted it looks like silver plate is on yellowish base not the other way around.
Anyway this was bothering me so much that I tried cleaning it again but nothing happened. After that I tried mechanically removing it and it finally came off. I hate doing any kind of interventions but like you said it just wasn't logical so I had to know. In the end one thing is certain, the order is made out of some white metal, it remains to be seen if it's silver. 

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