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Hello I'm new to the forum and all I am asking is for the information on these military boxes I believe they are once owned my grampa who recently passed away a few year ago and he's had these stored away for some time now in my possession. Any information and value would be a great help. Many thanks.. DSC_0005_zpstopffhw5.jpg

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the inscription is German and means basically that these boxes once contained 20 "handgrenades model dt 41". Since I couldn't find anything about "dt 41 handgrenades" on the internet I suppose "dm 41 handgrenades" are meant (try google), but that's only guessing. The boxes are definitely post 1945, so they should therefore be of rather low value, but that's guessing again; an expert opinion is required here.

BTW: I hope there is nothing left in these boxes that looks like a handgrenade???

Best regards


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