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Sacred Treasure 4th class and award document

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For sale is a Sacred Treasure 4th class along with an award document that was issued on November 30, 1905 To 海軍少佐  Lieutenant-commander Kenkura Kobayashi

 He became a Midshipman in 1892 on the IJN Kongo, to which he would return to in 1913 and served as XO.

 Captain Kobayashi Kenkura commanded the protected cruiser IJN Niitaka as part of the Second Fleet during the Siege of Tsingtao in 1914. 

 A full copy of his service record comes with this sale.


The medal itself is a late ‘30s early ‘40s version and I don’t think it’s original to the document.

 The case is in good shape, however the lining inside is showing wear.


I bought this as a set and am looking to sell as a set.

I am asking $385 USD OBO


Payment is possible by means of E-mail transfers in CAD (on the exchange rate of the day sold)

Paypal – no fee’s however use of the “Friend or family” option is appreciated

MO and checks are acceptable however payment needs to clear prior to shipping.


Shipping to be determined upon sale.





JAM0906410 case.jpg

JAM0906410 obv.jpg

JAM0906410 rev.jpg

JAM0906410 Sacred Treasure 4th class.jpg

sacred treasure doc award.jpg



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$350 USD OBO Make me a reasonable offer, never turned one down yet.....





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Dear Laurence Strong
I am a Japanese medal collector and found your sold the "Sacred Treasure 4th class and award document".
If this stuff is still available to sale. I am willing to purchase  it. However I have owned the medal of the Sacred Treasure 4th, therefore I just want to get your Sacred Treasure 4th class award document and willing to purchase it by 50 or 60 USD, accounting to you. (not include the posting fee).
If you have any information or any other Japanese medal award document want to sale, Please connect with me.
(this is my email adress:
Best Wish

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