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Need help re: dressing up a Major General's tunic for display.

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Hi all. I managed to acquire a Major General's daily uniform from a friend. Common type but worked a very good deal and would like to dress it up a bit for display on a torso dummy. Am thinking perhaps one HSU, a good sized ribbon bar, an academy badge or two and possibly a Soviet Officer's Association lapel pin. Here's the possibilities I have to work with:

First the tunic in question:


Most of my academy graduation badges are here:

Some of my ribbon bars... thinking one of the top three:


Officer's Association pin:


Here's one I found on the web that's rather like what I'm hoping to do:

$_57 (2).jpg

Although would two of my graduation badges work on this (assuming any of the ones I have would be proper for this rank)?

I don't know of anything else that would be appropriate for this uniform and rank but if anyone knows different please let me know. Also, keep in mind that I have no intention of selling this but if I should I would remove the items I add as I would not want them to be considered original to the tunic. This is simply for my own display.

Many thanks in advance. :beer:

Dan :cheers:



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