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I have recently bought a rather nice tipstaff and want to know of its history along with the history of its original owner. Where do I start? The only details are as follows:


H. Hunter.
of Christ Church Surrey

It measures eight and a half inches long, weighs 333 grams. Unscrews easily both ends. Did have an original warrant inside but has long since been lost. It has a very genuine feel about it. There are no other markings anywhere along it outside or in.

A little online research reveals what could be the parish constables station, would I be right? That's about all I can come up with, can anyone give any ideas as to how I could research this more?

* Along with the picture of the Watch-House was this note: "The parish watch-house, built in 1819, stood in the churchyard until its demolition in 1932. It was a plain brick building of two storeys divided by a slightly projecting stone string course and with a simple stone cornice. The building had three bays, the centre one being slightly recessed. The two end bays had flat stone pediments. A stone tablet inscribed "ChristChurch Watch-House. MDCCCXIX," formerly over the central doorway, has been preserved and stands in the garden adjoining the present rectory."

Christ Church Surrey Tipstaff 1.jpg

Christ Church Surrey Tipstaff 2.jpg

Parish Watchouse.gif

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You're a step ahead of a few collectors, having a name to go with the artifact.  You could always attempt a search of Ancestry, although without a first name, you might need to start with the UK census of Surrey for the first few years until you can find someone employed as a policeman with the last name of Hunter.

There are links to the Parish register at Family Search

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