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ANGLO-BOER WAR - 1899-1902 : AUSTRALIAN troops. Are there any EXPERTS on the involvement of Australian Troops in the War on this Group? I have a Q.S.A. with the Clasps for Cape Colony; Rhodesia and South Africa 1901. The three clasps are CONFIRMED on the Roll WO100/291 (at pages 74 and 105). BUT HERE IS THE QUESTION: The Roll is for the 4th Victorian Imperial Bushmen (on whose roll appears the man as: # 133 Pte Francis George HOLLINGTON) HOWEVER, the actual MEDAL is named to: 133 Tpr F.G. Hollington, 2 VMR. i.e. to the 2nd Victoria Mounted Rifles. QUESTION: Why is this????? I did write to the National Archives of Australia, who advised that the FOURTH Victorian Contingent consisted of Five companies of Mounted Rifles. In the Australian Archives "Boer War Index" is listed: Hollington, F.G. Vic. 4 (Imperial) CNTGNT. And also it mentions that Hollington appears in Lt Col Murray's book at 263. My further research shows that the 4th Imperial Bushmen left South Africa (East London) aboard the "Orient" on 22 June 1901 - arriving at Melbourne on 12th July 1901. BUT (an important BUT) - A fellow researcher (Kerry Bulow) advised me THAT: "Hollington was born on 29/10/1874. He was 5ft 7in. His next of kin was his mother, Mrs Jenny E. Hollington from East Dene, Hermon Hill, Wanstead, Essex, England. When he enlisted, he stated that he was a farmer. Address: 1A Evalina Road, Toorak, Victoria. Bulow confirms the Murray entry that Hollington went BACK to England and was discharged there on 9 August 1901. So, WHAT did / or what WAS Hollington doing between when the 4VIB left S.A. in June 1901, and when he arrived in England in August 1901. COULD THIS EXPLAIN the anomaly between Hollington being on the 4 VIB Roll, but his medal named to the 2 V.M.R. ????? What theories do you chaps have???? (Medal from the David Bennett Collection).

Hollington, Tpr F.G. - 2 Victoria Mounted Rifles.jpg

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Hi David,

I'm no Expert but I enjoyed your thread 



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