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David B 1812

I.D. of S.A. Police Truncheon please

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Collecting Police Truncheons / batons is not a specialist collecting area for me.

However, recently, whilst I was on a visit to a Cape Town boot sale market, I saw (and bought) the

S.A. Police truncheon shown below.

Although I cannot say for certain, some people I have consulted think that the widespread USE

of this MODEL of Truncheon / baton by the S.A.P. ended "around 1985 - 1986"  (but I think that

those are, at best, just guesses.)


Is there a MEMBER of this GROUP, who can please tell me, with some authority:

(A) The PERIOD during which this Truncheon was IN USE by the South African Police.

     (and I mean THIS specific model) That is, the DATE that use of this MODEL STARTED,

     and the DATE when use of this model ceased and it was withdrawn from use.

(B) Does this MODEL have a specific NAME / TYPE / MODEL Number ??? .....................   and,


          (i)   A Truncheon, and

          (ii)  A Baton.


Thank you very much,

David Bennett, Durban North



S.A. Police truncheon sized wd in 1985 1986.jpg

S.A. Police truncheon wd in 1985 1986.jpg

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Hello David.  Did you ever find the information you needed on this? If not, I can speak to my colleague Terry King who is very knowledgeable on SAP matters.



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